Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Security On Audi A8 2011: Bomb Proof


Audi A8 L Security

Here is a worthy option to the current armoured BMW 760 Li limousine which Mr. Manmohan Singh uses as his company, ahem, official car. Audi’s new flagship A8 L which was launched a few weeks back in the country will have an armoured sibling soon. The good folks over at AutoBlog rightly describe the A8 L Security as nothing less than battle-ready.


Audi A8 L Security-- interior

The four-door, luxurious bunker-on-wheels is made in a bespoke heavily guarded workshop away from prying eyes. The A8 L Security is certified by the German government for compliance with the VR 7 ballistic protection standard (2009). In short, anti-tank mines, hand grenades and small explosives are no match for this armoured limousine.


Audi A8 L Security

All the heavy armour does take a toll on the cars performance but, that is a small price you pay to stay alive and well. Even though the A8 L Security is powered by a 500 bhp, 6.3 litre W12, 100 kph comes up in 7 sec via a 8-speed auto-box and 461 lb ft of pulling force. So, if you are the “Kitna deti hai?” types, this ain’t the wisest proposition for you.  You can get hold of one of these upwards of INR 3.0 Crores.


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