Monday, March 7, 2011

Tata Indica EV2 Dicor 2011 Gives 25Kmpl


A while ago, Tata officially confirmed that the Indica will indeed get a DICOR engine under the hood, and here are a bunch of details about Tata’s latest mileage and price warrior, the 2011 Tata Indica eV2 DICOR. And the Indica eV2 DICOR, just as Tata promised just days ago seems to pack in the value quotient in very high measure. First up is the 1,405cc DICOR engine that is borrowed from the Tata Indigo CS DICOR. This 70 Bhp-140 Nm common rail diesel engine is both powerful and torque as well as highly fuel efficient. In other words, the engine will make the Indica eV2 faster as well as more fuel efficient. How about a mileage of 25 KMPL with diesel as the fuel that the eV2 uses.


Sounds wonderfully frugal, doesn’t it? Oh yes, the Indica eV2 DICOR is the most fuel efficient car in India and if this is anything to go by, the Tata Nano Diesel DICOR delivering 40 KMPL is very much believable. Any way, the Tata Indica eV2 DICOR also will look smarter as Tata has thankfully deleted the ghastly wheel claddings and has now outfitted the Indica with 14 inch alloys which make the previously over sized wheel well a lot more passable. This apart, the interiors have got a major spruce up and for people used to the vast acres of grey and dowdy plastics on the older generation Indicas, the Indica eV2′s interiors are sure to impress as faux wood inserts and dual tone seta upholstery make life in the Indica eV2′s cabin a lot more better.


Also, the instrumentation dials get smarter with a two tone finish and the tachometer now is a standard piece of kit. Also, the rear seats are of a 60-40 flip type so that you can maximize luggage carrying space whenever you feel the need for it.  Apart from the interiors, other class leading nifty features too make their way into the 2011 Indica eV2, which surprised us as these features have hitherto been available in only in higher priced sedans. For example the Indica eV2 gets a feature called the Auto Drive Assist, which in Tataspeak is automatic hill hold control. What this feature will essentially do is, it will make sure that the Indica eV2 won’t roll backwards as you release the clutch to get moving on an uphill section of the road.


This is a very useful feature which has so far been available only in the Fiat Linea T-Jet in the sub INr 10 Lakh car category. Since Tata has chosen to debut the hill hold control on the value oriented Indica eV2 first, we’re pretty sure that this feature will soon become de facto in other Tata cars very soon. The other handy feature is the Clutch-To-Start. This feature will basically make sure that you don’t accidentally engage the starter motor by turning the key even when the car’s engine is running. While doing so could potentially damage the starter motor, this feature will eliminate that by ensuring that the clutch has to be depressed every time you want to start the engine. All this at a package of INR 4 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi makes the 2011 Indica DICOR eV2 tremendous value for money and we won’t be surprised to see a slew of Indica DICORs selling thick and fast in the coming times.


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