Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awesome Video For Pagani Huayra’s


This new video of the Pagani Huayra will definitely give you goosebumps if you truly love automobiles that is. I almost had tears in my eyes while watching the clip. What a masterpiece! It is just a uniquely mesmerizing experience. The 2 minutes plus video has been shot mainly at the sunny, Mediterranean coast where the Hauyra can be seen gently riding over the smooth twisting tarmac.

One unique feature you would notice in the video is the front air brake in action. Now that is a first on any super car we have ever seen. The Huayra’s  front winglets open vertical when the brakes are applied, as seen in the picture above. Do I envy the guy at the wheel? Oh yes, I do.


At the end of the year, if you ask me which were the top three cars that blew my senses in 2011, well its simple.  For me, the Pagani Huayra would top the list followed by the Lamborghini Aventador, up till now. The third car in my list of top 3, much for a few different reasons, is the Ferrari FF. It would go down as one of the many Ferraris that make you sick when you look at it.


VANOS said...

Pagani Huayra is the best supercar in performance and elegance. Not so many applied active aerodynamic with beauty.

Anyway i've got this awesome video about the making of Huayra http://www.ngopdul.com/en/technology/pagani-huayras-video-documentation.html

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