Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lamborghini Aventador Specification And Features



2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

The Lamborghini of the future is here in the form of the Aventador, that takes over from where the Murcielago left. The reign of a new bull commences with the Aventador breaking cover at this years Geneva Auto show. The LP700-4 sticks on to the bulls body and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Lambo-speak, here is something exciting that I’d love to share. The new Lambo is powered by a 700 bhp V12 with direct injection and four wheel drive to keep you on the grey bit. Lamborghini say, the new engine is not only powerful but 20 percent more economical than the outgoing V12 of the Murcielago. This results in lower emissions and consequently a lower carbon footprint.


Fans of the unique scissor doors won’t be disappointed as this baby does have the same ‘look-at-me’ doors. For those who like to show off their hardware, Lamborghini provide a transparent engine cover as an option. The huge engine sits in a carbon fibre cradle and for the first time in history, the feather wright stuff has been used for the monocoque as well. Thus, the car is lighter than its predecessor and quicker. Inside, LCD screens replace analog dials. The engine start button or the “Fury button” as I like to call it sits on the center console under a fighter plane style flip switch.


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