Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ford Mustang Boss 302 Get One More Award This Year 2011

Ford Mustang Boss 302 1

Yes, the  iconic Ford Mustang is back in the news, yet again. This time, the Ford Mustang Boss 302 has won the reader’s award  for the ‘Best Special Edition Mustang’. This version of the Mustang has the ability to outsmart the popular BMW M3 both on the track as well as on the road.

The heavy and powerful 5.0 litre engine is capable of generating a power throw of 444 horsepower and develops a torque of 380 lb-ft. The top speed achieved is 155 mph which makes it one of the fastest muscle cars in the world. This doesn’t mean that you only have to drive the Mustang faster.

The 2011 Mustang Boss 302 can also go round corners pretty rapidly. The car has an advanced ‘ Limited Slip Differential’ with carbon fibre plates. We don’t need to give you the specifications of this vehicle again as you all might have already read them in the previous posts. So, enjoy the rest of the day dreaming about the Mustang.


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