Thursday, March 17, 2011

Audi R8 Hyper Black Edition


Anderson Germany has presented a limited version of Audi R8 super car called Hyper Black Edition. As is clear from the name, body of Hyper Black Edition is painted in hyper black. But this is not the most important feature of this supercar.
German craftsmen have equipped the car with carbon components such as front splitter and a large diffuser built into the rear bumper.


Also the car has received new 19-inch alloy wheels with orange rims, which show the orange brake calipers. Finally, the exterior of tuned Audi R8 from Anderson Germany has got tinted windows and tail lights.


So far as interior of Audi R8 Hyper Black Edition is concerned, it sports carbon fiber fittings on the center console, front and door panels. Steering wheel and parking brake lever are also made of carbon fiber. Seats, decorated with leather and Alcantara, are stitched with bright orange thread.


Once the car reaches a road speed of 100 km/h, the rear spoiler moves automatically as if by magic. This street legal sports car that somehow has a look of UFO – albeit a fantastically beautiful – inspires respect to any Porsche. With 443 inches long, only 125 height and 1620 kg weight, this all-aluminum flounder is practically sticking on the street.


And, of course, it is not without modifications in the engine. Now, after updating the software, it has more efficient and powerful air filter and exhaust system, 5.2-liter V10 engine produces 589 HP, which is 64 more than produced by the original model.


Nothing has been said how have these modifications have affected the dynamics of supercar. But it is worth noting that standard Audi R8, equipped with V10 5.2 engine, produces 525 HP is able to clock 100 kmp h in 3.9 seconds and its top speed is 319 kmph.


Price of Hyper Black Edition has not been announced yet.


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