Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FIA Amend Safety Rules


Following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in Paris, the FIA has announced a new amendment to the Safety car speed limit rule that was introduced last year. As per the old rule, drivers had to slow down once tha safety car was deployed onto the track even if they were far away from the rest of the field. This speed was to be maintained by all the drivers for one full lap. According to the new amendment, the speed will be maintained for not one but two laps.

“The safety car speed limit (an approximate 40% decrease in lap time) will now be enforced over two laps instead of one,” FIA said in a press release posted on its official website. “The purpose is to ensure that cars are driven at a safe speed until they reach the safety car.”

These changes were introduced after multiple events in which the safety car itself was involved in a crash due to speeding racers after the safety car was on track. One such incident was the 2009 Pau round of the WTCC race.

“During a safety car period the pit exit light will remain green for the duration, unless the race is subsequently suspended,” read the FIA statement. “Other than when the safety car has been asked to use the pitlane, no car may enter the pits while the safety car is deployed unless it is for the purpose of changing tyres,” adds the FIA.


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