Friday, March 4, 2011

Tata Pixel–Zero Turning Radius Video

Tata has indicated in a media conversation with the Hindustan Times that the Tata Pixel small car which is based on Tata Nano platform may be launched India. This car is a concept car and may feature in the Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi, following which, it may proceed and transform into a production model which maybe placed between the Tata Nano V2 which is due for launch in 2011 and the Tata Indica Vista. The Tata Pixel has been designed with keeping in mind the needs of a city commute like compactness, easy to maneuver, ease of parking in small space, high fuel economy, use of technology for convenience and comfort. Since it’s a concept, there will be a lot of modifications before a production model is unveiled in future.

tata Pixel

tata Pixel rear

tata Pixel 1

tata Pixel Dash board

tata Pixel Side

Below is a Video of Tata Pixel which shows the capabilities of Pixel Concept which includes very low turning radius to turn and park in tight spaces !


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