Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 Richest Female Rappers Net worth In World 2011

10.Bahamadia – Net Worth $32 Million (USD)


9.Roxanne Shante - – Net Worth $48 Million (USD)

Roxanne Shante

 8.Salt N Peppa – Net Worth $60 Million (USD)

Salt N Peppa

7.Ladybug from Digible Planets – Net Worth $61 Million (USD)

Ladybug from Digible Planets

6.Missy Elliott – Net Worth $251 Million (USD)

Missy Elliott

5.Eve – Net Worth $18 Million (USD)


4.Yo-Yo -– Net Worth $5.1 Million (USD)

My Yo-Yo

3.MC Lyte – Net Worth $8 Million (USD)

MC Lyte

2.Queen Latifah – Net Worth $51 Million (USD)

Queen Latifah

1.Jean Grae – Net Worth

Jean Grae


Walt Nobody said...

This is bullshit. I aint even heard of some of them bitches, and Roxanne aint worth 48 million nothin!!!

Ray Haynes said...

GET MONEY $$$$$$$

jansix00 said...

Stupid list

DEVrockstarr said...

Trina makes over 8 million, why isn't she on it?

yashua said...

Lie list

Kenneth Peterson said...

Your whole list is a bunch of b.s. where did Bahamadia get that much money from?
Roxanne wish she knew what a million dollars look like and according to your list LadyBug,a drug addict I last heard, is a very wealthy woman.

Sh@nda said...

Roxanne Shante is actually a Doctor now.

Jacques Jackson said...

I agree with most of the previous comments. This list has to be flawed.

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