Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 Richest Female Rappers Net worth In World 2011

10.Bahamadia – Net Worth $32 Million (USD)


9.Roxanne Shante - – Net Worth $48 Million (USD)

Roxanne Shante

 8.Salt N Peppa – Net Worth $60 Million (USD)

Salt N Peppa

7.Ladybug from Digible Planets – Net Worth $61 Million (USD)

Ladybug from Digible Planets

6.Missy Elliott – Net Worth $251 Million (USD)

Missy Elliott

5.Eve – Net Worth $18 Million (USD)


4.Yo-Yo -– Net Worth $5.1 Million (USD)

My Yo-Yo

3.MC Lyte – Net Worth $8 Million (USD)

MC Lyte

2.Queen Latifah – Net Worth $51 Million (USD)

Queen Latifah

1.Jean Grae – Net Worth

Jean Grae


Walt Nobody said...

This is bullshit. I aint even heard of some of them bitches, and Roxanne aint worth 48 million nothin!!!

Ray Haynes said...

GET MONEY $$$$$$$

jansix00 said...

Stupid list

DEVrockstarr said...

Trina makes over 8 million, why isn't she on it?

yashua said...

Lie list

Kenneth Peterson said...

Your whole list is a bunch of b.s. where did Bahamadia get that much money from?
Roxanne wish she knew what a million dollars look like and according to your list LadyBug,a drug addict I last heard, is a very wealthy woman.

Sh@nda said...

Roxanne Shante is actually a Doctor now.

Jacques Jackson said...

I agree with most of the previous comments. This list has to be flawed.

tasha smith said...

yeah fucking right. These wash up people not making that much money. Half of the I never even heard of.

chamu bhobho said...

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Seanx Roberts said...

For real what the he'll is that bullshit

Adrienne Davis said...

Stop hating and underestimating black women! Maybe these "bitches" have good financial sense, managers, and investments. Takes money to make money!

Unknown said...

She Roxanne lied to encourage young black females to want to be like her she is not a doctor.BUT SHE KNOW ANYTHING A RAPPER SAY DUMMYS BELEIVE IT..

Marlisfra said...

I ain't heard of you and your last name says a lot about who you are.

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