Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Day Gifts Idea 2011

Big red hearts everywhere, yep it’s Valentines. The only time of year when a little bit of cheesiness is acceptable (almost). If you want to get a nice gift for your man, then here are some ideas for you, they include both gadgets and other cool items.

Beer Fridge – Make Him Love You Even More!
Every man should have one, preferably in a dedicated TV/game room. Buying your boyfriend a beer fridge is certain to be a winner! Wrap the beast in wrapping paper and watch the huge grin on his face as he opens it. And hey, if he likes the pub perhaps this will keep him at home more!


Here is a really niec one by a company called ‘LEC’, which currently costs £149.99 from Amazon. It holds both beer and wine. You can also find mini fridges on the high-street so if your short of time a trip to town should still be fruitful. They come in a variety of styles including smart ones, so if you don’t want a garish Foster’s branded fridge a smart black wine cooler perhaps may be good.

A Watch – Play It Safe
Often a popular choice for good reason. A good quality, smart looking watch is always pleasant to receive. Some may call it boring, but it’s a safe move and another good bit of kit to add to the jewellery box. With a wide variety of styles available perhaps you could get one different to his existing watches?


This watch is by ‘Police’ and is very cool, currently for sale at £59.99 it isn’t overly pricey. There is plenty of choice for watches so visit your favourite jeweller or have a good look online. Alternatively cufflinks are also a winner.

Track Day Tickets – Give Him A Thrill
There are lots of different ‘experiences’ available, ranging from hot air balloons to spa days. One of the most popular for men are the track days. These involved driving an amazing car (such as an Aston Martin or Ferrari!) around a race track. Most boys dream of driving these cars so this could be a real pleaser.


Alternatively if he doesn’t like cars much, other unusual but great ones are; wakeboarding, flying in a helicopter, sailing, or even monster trucks!

Cheese Door Wedge – Fun But Functional
We all need little bits and pieces in life, and sometimes it is possible to get fun things to solve problems. So if your man needs anything for the house try and find some funky solutions. You can get things such as this cheese door wedge, which you can buy for £3.50.


Other novelty items for the home include; soaps (although that may imply he smells), condiment holders, shower curtains – the list goes on! Perhaps you could make him up a little pack of various novelty items, which are fun but actually useful.

Something He’s Been On About
This is totally specific to you. Has your man been going on about something he has wanted for ages, but one reason or another he hasn’t been able to have it. Getting that ‘thing’ as a gift for him at a time like this will be a big surprise and no doubt he’ll be chuffed if he is not expecting it!


Keep Looking!
These are just some ideas of ours, but there are tonnes of possibilities out there, so get surfing on your favourite retail sites and you should find something special. Failing that take a trip to the high-street the day before and hope for the best!


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