Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nissan Esflow Concept At Geneva Show


Nissan Esflow Concept Front View

After Nissan’s most respected zero emission vehicle Leaf, Nissan is getting it’s hands on a sports electric car. This one is to be unveiled at the 81st Geneva show next month along with Nissan’s current ZEV Leaf. The curvy Esflow is two seater with aluminium chassis and body.The design is inspired from Nissan’s Z series, but in small dimensions and with more detailing on head lamps and tail lamps. The rear notch back looks short and adds character to the car appeal.


Nissan Esflow Concept Side View

The electric motors are brought straight from the Leaf but powers the rear wheels. There are two battery packs installed in this car which are placed fore and aft to provide a balanced weight distribution. It reaches 100 kmph in 4 to 5 seconds and Nissan promises it will go 150 miles ( 241.5 km) per charge, even it is driven hard. Not bad since the current Leaf delivers about half of that range.


Nissan Esflow Concept Rear View

Recently Nissan created a buzz stating what type of person will drive this car. Here’s the description.

Daniel, an ESFLOW owner, works in tech, but lives for the weekend. On Friday night after work, he gets behind the wheels of his ESFLOW which instantly links with his pocket PDA and determines the fastest route to his girlfriend’s home. Finding street side parking is a synch as the ESFLOW’s compact dimensions allow it to slip in to the narrowest of spaces. On Saturday he drives to a popular club to exhibit his DJ skills and his friends are impressed by his cool EV sports car.

On Sunday he drives through the mountains for leisure. ESFLOW’s superb weight distribution and unobstructed view ahead enables him to effortlessly nail every apex, every time. His descent from the mountains is more relaxed and he allows the ESFLOW to overrun on the long sweeping curves, turning the potential energy he and the car gained climbing up the gradients back in to electricalenergy he can use once he hits the roads around Barcelona.”


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