Friday, February 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Maintenance Update EA24, Samsung Tablet

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Tab on the Sprint network, you’ll be noticing an update being pushed to your device today or tomorrow, this update being for several bugs and enhancements. Amongst these are new drivers for your LCD supplier, a QIK software update to 0.04.77 that will overlay the version you’ve currently got on your device, and Exchange email fixes you probably wont even notice.


Included in this update, this update that will come to your device automagically, are several notes you should be aware of. First, be aware that the software version for this update is: Baseband S:P100.08 S.EA24, Build SPH-P100.EA24. Next, be aware that the amount of time you should be leaving your device to download and install this update is approximately 5 minutes.

Know furthermore that this update will not come to you all at once, but that after each update you’ll be able to run your device as normal. The updates will come to you periodically throughout your day, with 100% of your download and installation done at the most inside 4 days. Further instructions on how to do this update can be found below if you’re all antsy in your pantsy and just want this update NOW instead of waiting:

Update your software
To update your Galaxy Tab over the air
1. From the Home screen, tap Menu
2. Select Settings > About My Galaxy Tab > System updates
3. Choose either Update Android or Update Firmware
4. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab will automatically download and install any available updates. You may need to power it off and back on to complete the software upgrade.

Check the version on your tablet
To find the software version on your Samsung Galaxy Tab™
1. From the Home screen, tap Menu
2. Select Settings > About My Galaxy Tab
3. The Build Number and Baseband Version show the current version on your device


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