Friday, July 22, 2011

Harold Hamm Net Worth In 2011 | Richest Person In America

Harold Hamm Net Worth In 2011: $ 8.6 Billion (USD)

Harold Hamm

Harold Hamm is an American oilman. Hamm is a key player in Hiland Partners and Hiland Holdings as well as the oil-exploration company Continental Resources.

Hamm, founder and chief executive of Oklahoma-based A Continental Resources, owns more oil and gas than any other American — including oil in the Bakken, which covers much of western North Dakota.

He is a high-school graduate with five children who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with his family.He was ranked in the March 2011 issue of Forbes as the 33rd richest person in America and 136th on the list of world’s billionaires.


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