Monday, July 4, 2011

Monaco's Royal Wedding Estimated Cost | Monaco's Royal Wedding Net Worth In 2011

Monaco's Royal Wedding Net Worth In 2011 : $35Million (USD)

Prince Albert II weds Charlene Wittstock

Prince Albert II of Monaco, 53 and a longtime bachelor, will wed South African Charlene Wittstock over a weekend of royal ceremonies and celebrations.Albert's bride, a former Olympic swimmer who is 20 years his junior, is being compared to Grace Kelly. With her swept-back blond hair and tall elegance, the resemblance is striking. Wittstock met the prince while swimming in a tournament in Monaco. During the past few years, she took up residence here and worked on her French. Monagasques say she has kept a very low profile, and now they look forward to getting to know her.Albert is bringing love back to the palace, he said, and that also brings back memories of Monaco's good old days.Here After Monaco's Wait For A Princess.


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