Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chevrolet Beat Diesel XSDE Engine Unwrap On 25th July 2011


The coming Monday, on the 25th of July, 2011, General Motors India will unwrap the Chevrolet Beat Diesel for the Indian market. This hatchback comes at a time when the Indian car market is in the midst of a slowdown in sales, primarily due to high petrol prices.

Now, with the Chevrolet Beat coming with a 936cc, three cylinder diesel engine, with a big focus on fuel economy, things could change for the better for General Motors India, whose Petrol and LPG Beat variants aren’t doing as well as the automaker would’ve expected it to.

So, the Beat Diesel arrives with a lot of hopes riding on it. The folks at GM India have put together a video explaining the salient features of the Chevrolet Beat Diesel’s XSDE common rail turbo diesel engine. Here’s a gist of what the video says for all the folks who’d perhaps be hard pressed to watch the video.

The XSDE turbo diesel engine is derived from the 1,248cc, four cylinder Liter Multijet Diesel engine. In three cylinder form, the engine will displace 936cc and produce 57 Bhp-157 Nm. The strong point of this engine, like all three potters will be the high fuel economy. The Chevrolet Beat thus becomes the second most frugal diesel car in India with an ARAI certified 24 KMPL mileage for the Beat Diesel. The diesel engine is tuned for low end torque and drivability, which means that the Chevrolet Beat Diesel will be a great bet for the city.

The Chevrolet Beat Diesel engine also uses a chain drive instead of the cam belt. What this translates into is, you don’t need to replace the cam chain for the life time of the engine, unlike the cam belt, which requires a replacement after a certain period of driving the car. General Motors India also claims that the Diesel engine of the Beat has been optimized to reduce vibrations and from the initial impressions we’re hearing from folks who’ve actually driven the car, the engine is vibe free, which is a welcome thing indeed, especially for a three cylinder engine which is usually prone to vibrations.


Rommel said...

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john smith said...

Chevrolet Beat Diesel the irresistible comes with an expressive exterior design, a well-equipped interior and some really smart features; a combination cut out to add oomph to your ride and charisma to your personality.

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