Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maruti Recalls Around 13,000 Diesel Vehicle’s

Maruti Recalls Around 13,000 Diesel Vehicle’s, Such as Swift,Ritz and Dzire model for connecting rod bolt issues.


If you’re a Maruti Swift Diesel, Maruti Ritz Diesel or a Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel owner, here’s some bad news for you. Maruti is recalling 13,157 Swift, Ritz and Dzire Diesel cars whose engines have been manufactured between13th November 2010 and 4th December 2010  for a possible connecting rod bolt replacement.

In what appears to be a major recall where the engines of these cars, or at least the engine sump, will have to dismantled in order to verify whether the Connecting Rod Bolt requires replacement or not. Maruti, for it’s has already dispatched new connecting rod bolts to it’s dealers and service centers across India.

Update 1: Now, as a Tata or Fiat owner who also has a car running Multijet Diesel engines, you might be wondering whether your engine also is affected. You needn’t worry till Tata or Fiat make similar recall noises as the Fiat Multijet Diesel engines used by Fiats and Tatas are manufactured at Fiat’s Ranjangaon Engine plant whereas that of Maruti is manufactured at Maruti’s diesel engine plant in Gurgaon.

Update 2: But since the vendors might be the same, Tata and Fiat will also ostensibly check which batch of Connecting Rod Bolts are defective and take necessary precaution. But so far, we have not received any information about Tata and Fiat. So, for the time being, Tata and Fiat car owners powered by Fiat Multijet Diesel engines need not worry about this recall.

Update 3: Maruti has now also made it clear that the recall is actually caused due to a small quantity of the defective connecting rod nuts in that particular batch of cars and that all cars in that batch might not be affected by the problem. However since a few owners reported higher engine noise, Maruti has voluntarily recalled all the cars manufactured in that time period as a precautionary measure.

If you’re a Maruti Swift, Ritz or Dzire Diesel owner, you need to head to Maruti Suzuki’s website and enter your engine number and find out whether your car is in the recall list. Click here. Meanwhile, here is an official press release from Maruti.

‘Users of Maruti Suzuki diesel cars purchased after 13th November 2010, can check the website to ascertain if their diesel engine car is among the above mentioned vehicles. Customer need to fill in the engine number (D13A followed by 7 digits) on the computer screen. Engine Number is embossed on vehicle ID plate and also on the vehicle registration documents. Customers may also contact the nearest Maruti Suzuki dealer workshop to ascertain if their car is amongst the above vehicles’


Sandeep Kumar said...

After being launched Maruti swift diesel the market had been boiled. After going through your article, I must say that this model was to be going to rack and ruin its rival. Swift desire was awarded with the top most selling car in the year, this message indicates that how much people love and trust the company.

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