Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honda India Carry i-DTEC Diesel Engine Technology Next Year


Honda India has until now survived in the country without a diesel engine in its portfolio which is surprising as sales of diesels has been picking up. The Honda City has ruled the C-segment in India for years right from the very first generation of the car. Until recently, the City dominated the segment but the crown of the undisputed king of the C-segment has now been captured by the Volkswagen Vento.

For reasons that are very much obvious, the Vento now rules the C-segment in India. With fuel prices on the boil, petrol cars are becoming more and more expensive to run day by day. In India, diesel is subsidized which results in the low price of diesel compared to petrol. Honda is the only auto maker who is yet to introduce a diesel engine option. Better late than never, Honda India may have finally decided to bring the i-DTEC diesel engine to India next year, this according to Honda India fans’ Facebook page.


Earlier we had analysed the current scenario in India. Our detailed report consisted of the reasons why the Honda City is losing to cars like the VW Vento and Maruti SX4 Diesel. The sales figures of the Vento and SX4 for the last month and the months before reveal a consistent rising trend unlike the Honda City’s who’s sales have suffered due to the lack of a diesel engine. Its about time, for Honda to bring in an economical diesel in to the country.

We expect the new i-DTEC to feature in at least the CR-V and the Accord for starters. The CR-V could especially do with a diesel engine under its hood thus keeping-up with the competition. Secondly, the Honda Accord could as well be offered with a diesel engine option which could boost its sales without a shadow of doubt. Indians are now moving on to more economical options as fuel prices rise.Personal mobility has become a necessity and hence the demand for cars will keep growing.

However, if car manufacturers wish to have a piece of the growing pie, economical as well as eco-friendly engines is the way forward. The Honda Civic and the Honda city too may feature in the diesel scheme of things in 2013 or so. Since, hybrid technology is yet to catch the imagination of the Indian buyer and since it is still an expensive prospect, diesel engines could be the next step. We are glad that Honda is finally bringing a diesel engine to India which could prove to be a certain boost to their product line-up perhaps the Honda City will again top the sales charts.


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