Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BMW Announced ABS As A Standard Fitment For 2012 Model Bikes

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad USA today has announced that all 2012 models of their bikes will have ABS as standard fitment. Thus, BMW Motorrad has become the first bike manufacturer to do so since it first offered this technology on BMW bikes 23 years back. BMW was the pioneer when it comes to anti-lock braking system on bikes.

“Plain and simple, being able to stop a motorcycle faster and more predictably helps prevent a rider from becoming a statistic,”said Pieter de Waal, Vice President, BMW Motorrad USA.“It’s time for all of us in the motorcycle industry to embrace the benefits of ABS. Extensive testing by safety experts, law enforcement authorities and journalists around the world consistently demonstrates that ABS reduces overall crashes and saves lives.”

Like it or not, ABS is here to stay and soon even the European Union will make it compulsory for manufacturers to offer thus safety feature in all their motorcycles. BMW’s off-road bikes will feature an ON/OFF switch but the technology will be standard throughout the BMW range of bikes as disclosed earlier.

Since, last 3 months, Navnit Motors and Deutsche Motoren are making BMW bikes available to Indian customers. Currently, the bikes are being imported by the dealers themselves and does not involve BMW India as such. The bikes are being serviced at the dealers end itself. By 2012, if the demand for high-end BMW bikes  keeps increasing with the same pace, BMW Motorrad might think of entering the Indian market. As of now though, no such plans seem to be on the bike makers mind. All said, safety features like ABS will become standard on all bikes in the near future.


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