Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 - Types Of Love

Love is a strong emotion experienced by all. One can love the opposite sex, or care for his or her parents or child or love god himself. Whatever said and done, it is an emotion whereby one feels strongly about the other person and would like to share his or her intimate moments and feelings. Love can be between a husband and wife, between a mother and child, or father and child or children may love their grandparents. One can also love one’s neighbor or even one’s pet, be it a cat or dog or a parrot.

Love manifests in different forms. It varies from individual to individual and its intensity would depend upon how much a person cares for the other person. One comes across different forms of love. Let us have a look at different types of love.

  1. Liking and loving – One can like a person. It does not involve strong emotions. Love, on the other hand involves attachment, caring and intimacy. Attachment means that one would like to be closer to a person and have physical intimacy with that person. Caring is when you are willing to sacrifice your feelings for another person. Intimacy is the physical relationship between two people. This intimacy can be achieved by speech and physical touch.
  2. Bio-Physiological Love – When two people are in love many physical changes take place in their body system. Their eyes convey a lot, lips quiver and they blush. They react physically to the other person they are attracted to.
  3. Passionate love and companionate love – Passionate love involves physical intimacy and two people would like to get physical when they are in love. Companionate love is when a person would like to share precious moments with the other person and be in his or her company.
  4. Love can be affection also – We can be affectionate towards our children or partner. It is not necessarily it has to be erotic all the time. Tender care for the other person is affection.
  5. Sexual Love – This form of love involves physical intimacy.
  6. Platonic Love – Here you may fall in love with a person but it does not involve any physical intimacy.
  7. Friendship – Friendship involves a lot of caring, sharing, understanding and supporting each other through thick and thin. True friendship is based on mutual trust and love.
  8. Infatuation – Often people feel they are in love with another person, when they actually are infatuated by that person. In school, often students get infatuated by their teachers. Adolescents go through this phase.
  9. Love between parent and child – Parental love is unconditional. Parents love their children a lot and go to any length to solve their problems and meet their needs.
  10. Love between wife and husband – This is an intimate relationship. People enter into matrimony to love each other and share their feelings and thoughts with each other. This form of love is very sacred indeed as it is based upon mutual trust and can wither if not nurtured properly.

The world thrives on love. Poets have eulogized love. Human beings need to love each other to sustain themselves on this earth. Love is indeed very sacred to be revered and the more seeds of love are sown on this earth, it would turn out to a better place to live in.


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