Monday, December 27, 2010

Speed up your Firefox

When it comes to browsing the Internet, Firefox is an unbeatable name. However, only a few people know that Firefox provides for certain configuration options which can enhance your browsing experience and let you speed up. Moreover, there is no need to install any add-on for speeding Firefox up.

Speed up your Firefox

Just follow the simple instructions as below:

  • Open a new tab in your Firefox browser window.
  • Type the address just as given - “about:config

Speed up your Firefox

it will display a warning to you as given below and you just need to accept that

Speed up your Firefox

Look for the following settings and change the values.Setting name: network.http.max-connections
Default value: 30
Change it to: 96Setting name: network.http.max-connections-per-server
Default value: 15
Change it to: 32

Setting name: network.http.pipelining
Default value: False
Change it to: True

Setting name: network.http.proxy.pipelining
Default value: False
Change it to: True

Setting name: network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
Default value: 4
Change it to: any value between 4 and 8.

Speed up your Firefox


Restart your Firefox browser to make the changes effective.

Note: These settings are Firefox specific and do not apply to your Internet server speed.


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