Monday, December 27, 2010

Fossils Found In Chinese Mountain

A fossil of the dolphin-bodied marine reptile known as an ichthyosaur, discovered as part of a giant cache of nearly 20,000 fossils reptiles, shellfish and a host of other prehistoric creatures unearthed from a mountain in China is now revealing how life recovered after the most devastating mass extinction on Earth.

capt.2c636d230b70a0c541e2b0effaa27ff2 thumb Fossils found in Chinese mountain

This research could help point out which species might be more or less susceptible to extinction nowadays, and how the world might recover from the damage caused by humanity, scientists added.

capt.e94bc3f81fe7e64bc5a044b724fd6e65 thumb Fossils found in Chinese mountain

Life was nearly completely wiped out approximately 250 million years ago by massive volcanic eruptions and devastating global warming. Only one in 10 species survived this cataclysmic end-Permian event.

capt.f6286b13b8636d8e3eeb5763b03416a8 thumb Fossils found in Chinese mountain

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