Saturday, March 3, 2012

Increasing Penalties Charges On Violation Of Traffic Rules | Motor Vehicle Act 2012

New Penalties for Traffic Rules Violations under Motor Vehicle Act 2012:

Traffic Rules - Motor Vehicle Act 2012The Govt. of India has revised penalties for traffic rules violations under new Motor Vehicle Act 2012. The Govt. of India has introduced hefty penalties / fines for various traffic violations committed by two wheelers, four wheelers and commercial vehicle drivers.

seat belt

Fine Rs.500 - Not wearing seat belt while driving a car or not wearing a helmet while riding two-wheeler or Jumping red Signal. On repetition of any such activity the fine will be multiplied.

Drunken Drive

Drunken Driving Fine Ranges From Rs.2000~Rs.5000 - Drunk driving will now bear a higher penalty and probably a jail sentence for up to two years along with a fine of up to Rs.5000. Also the drivers will be given tickets according to the alcohol levels in blood.

Speed Limit 55

Over Speed Fine Ranges From Rs.1000~Rs.5000 - Speeding will now be incur you a penalty of Rs.1000 for the first time whereas if you repeat it, the penalty could reach Rs.5000.

Avoid Mobile

Using Phone While Driving Fine Ranges From Rs.500~Rs.5000 - Talking on phone simultaneously is a common violation which will now attract a fine of Rs.500 for the first time and can go up to Rs.5000 on repeated violations.

Rash Driving - The fine has been increased to Rs 2,000-5,000 and / or imprisonment of 2 years in case of repeated offense. For first offense, the penalty is six months imprisonment and or fine of Rs 1,000.

        The bill is also proposed to give more powers to state governments in issuing driving licenses, fitness certificates, grant of permits, registration cards and disposal of appeals. The Govt. is also considering to introduce a timeline for issuing of licenses, permits, registration cards and fitness certificates. The new bill is likely to be introduced in the coming Budget session of Parliament.


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