Sunday, August 28, 2011

Top 10 Music Directors Net Worth In All Time History Of The World | Richest Music Directors In The World 2011

1.Michael Jackson (US) : Net Worth – $1 Billion (USD). 

Michael Jackson net worth

2.John Lennon - The Beatles (UK) : Net Worth – $800 Million (USD). 

John Lennon net worth

3.Frank Sinatra (US) : Net Worth – $600 Million (USD). 

Frank Sinatra net worth

4.Elvis Presley(Mississippi) : Net Worth – $300 Million (USD). 

Elvis Presley net worth

5.A.R.Rahman (India) : Net Worth – $280 Million (USD). 

A.R.Rahman net worth

6.Ceilne Dion (Canada) : Net Worth – $260 Million (USD). 

Ceilne Dion net worth

7.Alla PugaCheva (Russia) : Net Worth – $160 Million (USD). 

Alla PugaCheva net worth

8.Angus Young(AC/DC) (Scottish) : Net Worth – $140 Million (USD). 

Angus Young net worth

9.Benny Andersson (Sweden) : Net Worth – $130 Million (USD). 

Benny Andersson net worth

10.Bing Crosby  (US) : Net Worth – $100 Million (USD) 

Bing Crosby


James said...

#6 Picture is not Celina Dion, that's Mariah Carey.

gauta masil said...

great rahman


Great of mastreo ilayaraja. No one can beat mastreo ilayaraja.

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