Sunday, August 14, 2011

Luxury Tropical Island Concept–A Sea Heaven

Tropical Island Yacht

Everyone dreams of exceptional things wainting to happen, of memories waiting to be gathered and of creative ways to explore the surrounding world. This fascinating tropical island yacht project is a dream come true for its designers, the UK based yacht design company Yacht Island Designs.

Tropical Island Yacht4

 ProEXR File Description

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The floating tropical island would be made out of steel and would measure 90 meters in length, plenty of room to build a luscious and luxurious environment that would sail away in the sunset. A volcano built on the yacht guides water flowing down to the pool, where huts and luscious greenery surround it.

Tropical Island Yacht3

Tropical Island Yacht2

Tropical Island Yacht6

The concept yacht was called the Tropical Island Paradise. A retractable beach deck in the back of the yacht presents an additional comfortable relaxation zone. With four VIP guest suites and a fascinating owner’s suite built into the volcano, the yacht is equipped with high-end features like a cinema, library, games room, gym and sauna. This is an introduction to luxury yachting – themed yachts – and the idea seems to be an exciting new venture in the world of custom, luxurious yacht design. Love or hate the concept?

Tropical Island Yacht5


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