Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 10 World’s Celebrities & Its Net Worth 2012

#1.Jennifer Lopez – Net Worth : $250 Million (USD)
Age: 42
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lynn Lopez (24th July  1969) is an American actress, businesswoman, dancer and recording artist.

#2.Oprah Winfrey – Net Worth : $2.7 Billion (USD)
Age: 58
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey (29th January 1954) is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.

#3.Justin Bieber – Net Worth : $110 Million (USD)
Justin Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber (1st March 1994) is a Canadian singer–songwriter, musician, and actor.

#4.Rihanna – Net Worth : $60 Million (USD)
Robyn Rihanna Fenty (20th February 1988) well known as Rihanna, is a Barbadian recording artist and actress.

#5.Lady Gaga – Net Worth : $150 Million (USD)
Lady Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (28th March 1986) well known as Lady Gaga, is an American singer and songwriter.

#6.Britney Spears – Net Worth : $200 Million (USD)
Britney Spears
Britney Spears (2nd December 1981) is an American recording artist and entertainer.

#7.Kim Kardashian – Net Worth : $35 Million (USD)

Kim Kardashian
Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian (21st October 1980)well known as Kardashian. She is an American socialite, television personality, model, actress and businesswoman.

#8.Katy Perry – Net Worth : $350 Million (USD)
Katy Perry
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (25th October 1984), known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter and actress.

#9.Tom Cruise – Net Worth : $270 Million (USD)
Tom Cruise
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (3rd July 1962) well known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer.

#10.Steven Spielberg – Net Worth : $3 Billion (USD)
Steven Spielberg
Steven Allan Spielberg (18th December 1946) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, video game designer, and studio entrepreneur.


Penn_Med87 said...

this isnt right as of 2012 oprah's net worth is 2.7 billion, not millions, her and the film director steven spielberg should be at the top of this fact most of these celebs arent even the richest tyler perry's net worth is 350 million, beyonce is 300 million kim k and some of the others shouldnt have even made the just saying

Alvin Gilbert Alan said...

Katy Perry – Net Worth $350 Million?? Seriously? Correct your fact please?

tony said...

Are you fucking Kidding me? Katy perry is only 55 millions...and where is Madonna? she is worth 1 billion as of 2012

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