Sunday, May 13, 2012

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) Mandatory In Delhi From May 2012

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) or you can say new and smart number plates are now mandatory for all new cars registered in Delhi from 1st May 2012 onwards and for all existing cars in Delhi after 15th June 2012. If you own a car already registered in Delhi, do not panic as there will be sufficient time period allotted for the existing cars to upgrade to the new HSRPs.


These number plates are special because they are made up of special material with special markings and laser hologram. Talking a bit more about the HSRP, these are make from 1 mm thick aluminium plate with a retro-reflective sheet. This aluminium plate will also have a chromium based hologram and a unique laser code for each of these plates and a minimum of 7 digits.

1. The Government of India amended the Central Motor Vehicles Rules in 2001 making it mandatory to fix High Security Registration Number Plates in the front and rear side of all Motor Vehicles. This was done mainly to discourage criminals to change/alter the number plates of the vehicles that are used for committing crimes. A HSRP cannot be removed and re-used. It has a unique snap lock which ensures that the number plate is destroyed automatically, when it is tampered with or forcibly removed.

2. These Number Plates can be fitted only in Government approved Workshops. As a safety measure, they have reflective sheeting and are visible over a relatively long distance.(the units can only be bought and fitted at the respective RTO offices and won’t be available at the dealerships at all)


3. The Indian Government decided to implement the project. The modalities are being worked out. The existing vehicles have been given two years' time to fix HSRPs.

The price of a High Security Registration Plate in India

  • Rs. 69 for a two wheeler,
  • Rs. 214 for a 4 wheelers
  • Rs. 86 for a 3 wheeler vehicle
  • Rs 220 for heavy vehicles

These plates will bring uniformity to the system of number plates and will make it easy to track a car using the number plates. The provision for using high security number plates is under consideration for over 2 decades but the implementation has been delayed for long time. Recent intervention by the Supreme Court of India has brought some pressure on state governments to implement this plan.

The program to upgrade to HSRPs has started with selected states like New Delhi, Kerala, Manipur etc. where this upgrade excursive has started. Gradually this system will be rolled out across all Indian states to reduce the crimes involving motor vehicles.

These number plates have a special laser coded sticker which can be decoded using special laser cameras which will be imported to India in future which will enable to identify vehicles accurately from a distance using their high security number plates. These cameras will be then gradually installed at important roads and can be used as hand-held units to accurately identify speeding vehicles etc. Hopefully within a few years, all vehicles across India will be upgraded to High Security Number Plates to make Indian roads safer in the long run.


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