Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Petrol Prices Cut Down By Approx Rs. 2.35 Per Litre Effective From 16th Nov 2011 | Petrol Price Slashed Midnight Onwards

Petrol Prices have been on a surge in last one year. The last petrol price hike of Rs. 1.80 on 1 Nov 2011 have created a lot of criticism and protests. As per a latest report, the oil companies have decided to drop the petrol prices in India by Rs. 2.35 per litre effective from 16 November 2011 (midnight between 15 and 16 Nov).
This reason for the reduction is cited to be the drop in the international prices of crude and not because of the political prices as per a Govt. official. The drop with effective local taxes will be a further Rs. 2.22 per litre in Delhi. The new prices of Petrol in Delhi will be Rs. 66.42 per litre.

Petrol Prices In Indian Cities After 16th November 2011

Petrol Prices in Indian Metros Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata after 16th November 2011 are as follows:
  • Delhi  : Rs. 66.42 per Litre
  • Mumbai : Rs. 69.57 per Litre
  • Kolkata : Rs. 68.97 per litre
  • Chennai : 68.47 per litre


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