Monday, June 6, 2011

Once Again TATA Nano Caught Fire

Tata Motors woes with combustible Nanos seem to carry on even after the company concluded its investigation in the cause of the fire in the Nano small car. This time a car in Vadodara’s Subanpura locality caught fire according to fire officials but, the exact cause of the fire is still unknown.nano-burns at vadodara

The engine of the car which belonged to one Mayank Doshi caught fire and then spread to the front seat. Tata Motors had to face a lot of criticism from Nano owners and others as similar incidents were reported about Nanos catching fire. Back then, the company blamed improper fitting of aftermarket parts and also conducted a detailed investigation in the matter.

The report from the investigation into the cause of the fire also concluded that the car or its engineering was not to be blamed. Some suggest that the engine being at the back overheats which sounds pretty convincing but, engineers who designed the car in the first place would’ve thought about this as well.

Secondly, faulty electricals could be an issue but Tata Motors deny this. Faulty wiring done when fitting aftermarket parts on the car also sound convincing as the person fitting the parts could tamper with the original electrical fittings which could cause a fire in an event of a short circuit.

Last year a brand new Nano car too was engulfed in flames while on its way to Vadodara. Then there were reports of a Nano catching fire on streets of the national capital which got instant media attention. The incidents prompted Tata Motors to look into the matter but lately no such incident was recorded. The Tata Nano also achieve a milestone figure of 10,000 units a few months back and still remains one of the most popular cars in the country.


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