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Colorful Aero planes………


















Amazing Atlantis hotel in Dubai




Water world ... the Atlantis hotel in Dubai, one of the world's most anticipated hotels, finally opens its doors on September 24. Situated on 113 acres of the Palm Jumeirah, the hotel boasts over 1539 rooms.




Spa service ... the Royal Spa Suite offers treatments designed to individual needs, and a spa menu delivered by private butler service.












Pleased to meet you ... Dolphin Bay is a four-and-a-half hectare lush tropical setting where you get the chance to meet the colourful characters in their natural habitat









Sunday, July 26, 2009

Automobile Technology - MPFI, CRDI

The country among other things has seen an enormous development in the engines which are being used in the cars these days. Carburetor engines have become obsolete and Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) engines are the order of the days in petrol cars. The Diesel engines have also under gone a sea change from the time Rudolf Diesel invented it way back in the 1892. Today Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) is the order of the day. In this section we will briefly discuss about the technologies that are in both the engines.

MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection)

The fuel injections were used to meet stricter emission norms as it keeps pollutants to bare minimum and derives the maximum performance out of a vehicle by squeezing out the maximum mileage even from the last drop of fuel that goes into the engine.

It has to be noted that when these engines first made their debut in the country they were single point engines rather than multi point ones. In fact when Opel Astra first came to India they were fitted with obsolete Single Point Engines rather than the Multi- Point ones.

MPFI system injects fuel into individual cylinders after receiving command from the on board engine management system computer or Engine Control Unit (ECU).

This technology results in superior fuel combustion, better fuel management, engine performance and reduced pollution. To get the maximum out from these types of engine one should use Premium petrol like Speed etc.

Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI)

Did you ever shy away from buying a Diesel car thinking that you would be buying a taxi? If yes then you can rethink your decision as CRDI engines are all set to revolutionize the way one looks at Diesel cars.

CRDI engine fitted cars offer 25% more power than the normal direct injection engine with a superior pickup and torque offering sometimes up to 70% more power than the conventional diesel engines.

They are smooth less noisy and immensely fuel efficient giving around 24 kilometers to a liter of Diesel. The fact that Diesel is cheaper than petrol in India further attributes greatness to the engine. In a CRDI engine, a tube or a common rail connects all the injectors and contains fuel at a constant high pressure.

This high pressure in the common rail ensures that when injected, the fuel breaks up into small particles and mixes evenly with the air, thereby leaving little un-burnt fuel thus reducing pollution. The common rail principle has been used to cut out the noise factor which used to be associated with Diesel engines; the technology has been pioneered by the Fiat group, only to be adopted by other automobile companies around the world.

Like all good things in life, these engines also come at a price; they are at least 25% more costly than the conventional engines. They also require a higher degree of maintenance and spares aren't cheap also.

Six tips for the Treatment of a Black Eye

As horrifying as a black eye can look, it is usually nothing that will cause lasting or serious damage. A black eye is technically a hemorrhage around the eye; the blood that's underneath the skin shows through as a purplish color.

There are many diseases and conditions that can cause a black eye, but a true "shiner" is typically caused by some trauma to the eye. Anyone with a black eye should see a doctor to rule out damage to the eye itself. If you have any vision problems, it is especially important to get to the doctor immediately.

Once you've been checked out, here are some ways to care for your black eye:

1. Ice the area. Hold an ice pack or some ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth on the eye. Ice helps reduce swelling and numbs some of the initial pain.

2. Pack a black eye in popcorn or peas. A bag of frozen, upopped popcorn kernels or frozen peas placed over a washcloth on the affected eye can also help cool the area and bring some pain relief.

3. Clean it up. Clean any small lacerations with mild soap and water. This will help keep the area from becoming infected with bacteria. Then continue to keep them clean and dry.

4. Avoid pressing on the eye itself. The area has already been traumatized enough, and pressing on it will only cause further trauma. Be gentle when you apply an ice pack to a black eye or clean the area.

5. Keep your chin up. Don't be embarrassed by your black eye. It's going to be around for a while--about one to two weeks. It will lessen during that time, but it won't fade completely for a couple of weeks or so.

6. Wear goggles. As is true with so many injuries, the best treatment is prevention. While you may not necessarily like the way you look in goggles, wearing them can help you ensure that you'll be able to see the way you look.

A black eye can be painful and put you in the limelight for a little while, but it's an injury that's easily treatable and goes away with time.

INS Arihant-India's nuclear submarine

India's first nuclear powered missile submarine, INS Arihant (destroyer of enemies) will be launched on July 26 at Visakhapatnam by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's wife.



Class and type:

Arihant Class




5,500 – 6,500 tons


104m (341.2ft)


15m (49.2ft)


9m (29.5ft)


PWR using 40% enriched uranium fuel (80MW); one turbine (47,000hp/70MW); one shaft; one 7-bladed, high-skew propeller.


12-15 (surfaced) 30-34 (submerged).


unlimited except by food supplies

Test depth:

300 m (984.2ft).



Sensors and

processing systems:



Torpedoes: 6 21" (533mm) torpedo tubes

Total capacity (torpedoes, and missiles): 30 weapons

SLBM - 12 launch tubes (each with 2.4 meter diameter)

12 x K15 SLBM (3 in each launch tube)

4 x Agni III (SLBM)(Under development)

Torpedoes and Mines

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ridiculous sports

The new extreme sport Misc Athlete Dirk Auer set a new world record - to build a special wooden slides for skating. The special roller skates he conquered them created in Stuttgart, Germany, the attraction, as they pass by his speed was about 90 km / h.























Knafe Arabic Sweets - Record

Knafe (Kunafa) A few days ago, in the Guinness Book of Records, was one more record, and all through the confectioner from Shehema. Kunafa - traditional Arabic sweets, which are made of sweetened goat cheese. Delicious pulled at 1765 kg and was placed on a tray length 74 meters. Palestinians want to try the dish came dostatchno to a few hours "to destroy" the record.




Palestinian confectioners on Saturday entered the Guinness Book of World Records with a giant plate of Kunafa pastry they baked in the West Bank city of Nablus. Kunafa is a cake sprinkled with pistachio and made of semolina, white cheese and a sugary syrup sprinkled with rose water.Mohanned Al-Rabbi, director of the Palestinian Company for Real Estate Development and Construction and the organizer of the event, said that the plate weighed 1,765 kilograms, 400 kilograms more than the needed weight to set a Guinness World Record.




The plate was more than 75 meters long and one meter wide. Rabbi said that it took 150 local makers of Kunafa 25 days of preparation and 36 hours of constant work to prepare the giant plate. The project cost a whopping $15,000 and is expected to feed around 6,000 people. Its massive ingredients include 600 kilograms of white cheese, 300 kilograms of sugar and six tons of cooking fat. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad unveiled the plate, part of a month-long Nablus shopping festival event intended to revive Nablus’ shattered economy. Several foreign diplomats attended the ceremony, including Jake Wallace, the US Consul General in Jerusalem.
Israel had considered Nablus a hotbed of Palestinian anti-occupation groups, particularly Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of the ruling Fatah movement in the West Bank. Al-Aqsa Brigades started up in Nablus in 2000 and then spread to the rest of the West Bank and to the Gaza Strip. It was responsible for several military attacks against Israelis that left hundreds dead and wounded. Israel responded with a fierce military campaign against Nablus fighters, waging daily military incursions into the city killing and arresting hundreds of its fighters and civilians. The Israeli military operations, closure and the chaos caused by the local fighters forced most of the Nablus businesses either to shut down or relocate to the capital of the Palestinian Authority, Ramallah, 50 kilometers to the south, where movement was easier and business was thriving. However, since Fayyad took office in his first government two years ago, he vowed to end the activities of armed groups and the chaos in the West Bank cities and restore law and order to them, an Israeli requirement for easing its blockade.
The Huwara roadblock to the south of Nablus used to be the West Bank’s worst bottleneck, allowing Palestinians to cross only on foot after long waits. Now, for the first time since 2000, they can drive through.
The Israeli Army has loosened the other checkpoints in its noose around the city after it was convinced that law and order had been restored and the fighters had been reined in, and around 100,000 visitors from several West Bank cities, Arabs inside Israel and foreigners entered the city to enjoy the city’s shopping festival. “We need to enjoy our life despite all the difficulties,” Ahmed Al-Aker, one of the oldest confectioners in the city, said.
“Life is much better now,” he said. “People can do business without worrying.” “We had an uprising, we had hardship under occupation,” Khalid, a visitor from northern West Bank city of Jenin, said. “We need singing and joy. We need to live a human life.” He expressed hope that this event will place Nablus, a city of 200,000, once again on the map as the capital of the Palestinian economy.



It’s Shows Various Human Body Cells with help of Microscopic


Red blood cells



Hair cell in the ear



Blood vessels emerging from the optic nerve



Human egg with coronal cells



Sperm on the surface of a human egg



Human embryo and sperm




Coloured image of a 6 day old human embryo implanting




Tooth plaque




Split end of human hair




Alveoli in the lung




Purkinje neurons



Tongue with taste bud




Villi of small intestine



Blood clot



Lung cancer cells


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